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Our Spring 2024 “virtual” Humane Dog Trapping Class (on Zoom) is now on the calendar!  This class is designed for those who have experience handling dogs in animal rescue, animal control, sheltering or veterinary settings, or those who have a desire to help with lost pet recovery, or homeless/stray dog rescues through lost pet searches and humane capture.

Attendees must be 16 years of age or older. Registration fees are utilized to purchase and maintain HARTT’s trapping equipment and to provide care for animals rescued by HARTT.  

NEXT CLASS:  Saturday, April 13, 2024, 12:00-4:30 pm Arizona time (two brief breaks in the middle).  Class will be held online via Zoom video conferencing.


$60.00 – First time attendees

$40.00* – Prior attendees who are not currently an active HARTT volunteer

$0.00* (FREE!) – Prior attendees who ARE currently an active HARTT volunteer

*These special alumni rates are non-transferrable and may only be used by the same prior attendee.

WORKSHOP SUMMARY:  This workshop will focus exclusively on lost dog search strategies, and the humane trapping and capture of dogs and will cover: Steps for locating lost dogs; the behavior of dogs when lost; common methods for locating lost pets; when trapping is the right solution; common trapping myths; necessary supplies; alternative and innovative humane capture equipment; advance preparation; requirements for a successful trapping; animal AND human behavior at the trapping site; types of trapping equipment; choosing a trapping site; pitfalls to avoid; stories of successful captures; difficult cases and creative strategies; the use of technology in trapping; post-capture planning; and much more. 

The goal of the workshop is to expand the network of qualified trappers who use “best practice” trapping techniques and who can come to the aid of animals in need.  HARTT welcomes attendees from all agencies and rescue organizations, both local and national/international, as well as independent rescuers.  Past attendees have come from six different countries and 25 different states in the US!

Trapping equipment and solutions that will be covered in class include the following traditional, and non-traditional capture equipment:

  1. Humane box traps
  2. Drop traps
  3. Pole nets and snares
  4. Drop nets
  5. Pull-up Nets
  6. “Missy Traps” (or corral-type traps)
  7. Ray Trippers (laser beam-triggered trap devices)
  8. Cellular and non-cellular trail cameras

The class content features many multimedia presentations and includes videos of successful captures. A high speed internet connection and a laptop or desktop monitor (not a cell phone) is ESSENTIAL to your enjoyment of the class!

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR:  Cheryl Naumann is the founder of HARTT and has been humanely trapping animals in Maricopa County since 2012. Her first trapping case was a dog named Roxy, a Shepherd mix who had been living along a freeway in Phoenix for several months. She has been a leader in animal welfare for more than 20 years.

Cheryl and her husband, Roger, own a luxury boarding facility, Second Home Pet Resort, which opened in Phoenix 2008. She is a member of the National Animal Control Association, member and past board member of the Association for Animal Welfare Advancement, and was a founding member of the Arizona State Council of the Humane Society of the United States. Cheryl formerly served as President and CEO of the Arizona Humane Society, leader of the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Animal Care Task Force, Chairman of the Board of Friends of Animal Care and Control (now the Arizona Pet Project), and Chair of the Arizona Companion Animal Spay/Neuter Committee.

“By day”, Cheryl serves as a human resources executive for a large national corporation based in Phoenix, Arizona; she has been married to her husband Roger for 30 years, and she has two grown stepchildren. Their animal family includes 4 dogs and a cat. When she’s not rescuing animals, Cheryl enjoys hiking, travel and volunteering at her church.

Cheryl’s passion and specialty within HARTT is creating strategies for the most difficult-to-rescue dogs and utilizing complex specialty traps and electronics to bring animals to safety.  She is also focused on training and equipping the next generation of skilled, compassionate humane trappers so that more lives can be saved.  Twice a year, she facilitates HARTT’s humane trapping workshops – she has taught more than 400 humane trappers across the United States, and in six other countries.  

ACCESSING THE CLASS:  Once you register, you will receive an email providing information on how to access the class.  The link is for a single registrant only – you will need to have a laptop or desktop computer, preferably with a webcam.

In order to register (limited spots are available), READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST and then click the correct red link below.
1.  Click the BLUE button below to register
2.  If you are a paid attendee, come back to this page and click the RED button to pay – then, under “Select a Campaign”,
3.  Scroll down to “Trapping Workshop Fee”
4.  Pay the registration fee (either $60 regular fee for first-time attendees, or $40 for prior-alumni attendees who are not active HARTT volunteers) and provide all information at check-out.  You will receive an email from “Kindful” which is your receipt and confirmation that your seat has been reserved.  At least one week prior, you will receive an email with the link to the Zoom meeting.