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ADOPT a Pet!

Open your heart and home – ADOPT a pet from HARTT!

After being rescued by HARTT, our priority is to make sure the animal is placed in the best possible environment where they will thrive and go on to live a comfortable, happy life. After a thorough search for a potential owner, we turn our focus to placing unowned, unclaimed animals up for adoption. HARTT direct-places many animals ourselves into new homes.

We also work with other animal welfare organizations to assist us in placing our rescues, including Arizona Humane Society (for injured or ill animals), Arizona Small Dog Rescue, Boxer Luv Rescue,  Foothills Animal Rescue, Arizona Animal Welfare League, Love Connection Dog Rescue, K9 Connection and Poverty’s Pets Rescue.

Variable Adoption Fees

Most of HARTT’s adoption fees range from $150 to $550 – however, there are exceptions.  Our adoption fees are variable and are based on a variety of factors including the animal’s age, size, breed, temperament, medical needs, and length of time waiting to be adopted.  If you see a pet you’re interested in, be sure to ask your HARTT representative about the adoption fee.

Some cats and dogs are more in demand and may have a higher adoption fee which may be considerably higher than the typical range.  Other animals may have special needs and/or may take more time to place in a new home.  For example, our adoption fee for a geriatric, under-socialized dog who needed a $1,500 orthopedic surgery cannot be $1,500 – it’s highly unlikely an adopter would pay this price!  So, if we adopt this dog in need to a new family for $250, we are still “negative” by $1,250 and as a small charitable organization, it’s important we make sure we have the funds to fulfill our mission and help as many animals as possible.

In addition to veterinary and direct animal care expenses, we have the added expenses of paying for our shelter facility, utilities, repairs, shelter staff, etc.  Our adoption fees help us to make ends meet.

Adoption Heroes

Because some of our adoptable animals have a discounted adoption fee and don’t fully cover our costs, this is where our “Adoption Heroes” come in!  If we have an in-demand dog (for example:  Lhasa Apso, French Bulldog, etc.), the adoption fee for this animal may be considerably higher.   These higher fees help support the animals who need more medical or behavioral care, or those who are with us longer.  These high-demand “Adoption Heroes” are truly heroes to the less fortunate animals in our care – they help us to save lives!  Higher variable adoption fees tend to apply to puppies, small dogs and certain purebred animals.

About Breeds

We do our best to accurately express the breed of an animal available for foster or adoption.  However, we do not DNA test and we almost never have “papers” for the animals in our care.  After all, if HARTT was involved, it’s likely this animal was humanely trapped, and we therefore know very little about their background.  Therefore, we rely on the “look” of the animal, characteristics common to certain breeds (ears, tail, coloring, etc.), information given to us from a prior owner (in the case of an owner surrender), etc in order to make our best educated guess about an animal’s breed.

Ready to Look for a New Furry Family Member?

Thinking about adding a new pet to your family?  Click on the links below to meet the HARTT rescues who are looking for their forever homes!  Already chosen your new family member and ready to pay your adoption fee?  Scroll ALL the way to the bottom of this page below the “adoptable pets” section to make your payment online.

Not quite ready to submit an application?  Would you like to talk to someone about one of our adoptable pets?  Please email us at adopt@azhartt.org with your specific questions.

Pay Your Adoption Fee

If you are reading this, it sounds like you’ve found the perfect new addition to your family, and that a member of our team has directed you here to complete your adoption transaction – CONGRATULATIONS!  Please click on the button below which will take you to a separate transaction page.  Then, follow these steps:

  1.  Under the “Select a Campaign” option, choose “ADOPTION” from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the open text field, type in the amount of the adoption fee for the particular animal you are adopting.
  3. Be sure to type in the “animal name” and a brief description of the animal on the next page.
  4. Fill in your payment information and click “SUBMIT”.