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Foster a pet in need for HARTT

People often ask us “After you trap a dog, what are they like?”  It’s simple – in most cases, these dogs are the classic “shy kids”.  They tend to be sweet, unassuming, gentle, an in most cases, good with other dogs, but they lack self-confidence.  This shyness is why no one could catch them before we step in to trap – they were too scared to approach a person for help.

Many of these dogs are unsure of themselves, and they don’t know how to “be” with humans.  While some may have been abused, more typically these dogs were just undersocialized.  They may have lived in a back yard, or they may have been “loosely owned”, roaming the neighborhood freely.  Their only experience with a person may have been at feeding time.  Most of these dogs have not walked on a leash and don’t know what it is; they don’t know how to play with toys.  They may have never heard the sounds of a frying pan or a television before.

The typical person who is looking to adopt a dog is expecting a happy, fun, confident canine.  The dogs we help get overlooked because they do a poor job of marketing themselves!  This is where our foster families come in. 

Want to foster for HARTT? Do you:

  1. Have a very secure home and yard that is escape-proof?
  2. Lead a relatively quiet lifestyle?  Lots of activity, visitors, parties and such are challenging for our dogs.
  3. Have other pets in your home who are friendly with other dogs?  We actually prefer most of our fosters to have at least one “mentor dog”, a well-adjusted, confident dog who can show our HARTT dog the ropes.
  4. Welcome the opportunity to share your space, your time, and your love with a dog in need?
  5. Have patience, and not expect too much of a shy dog, allowing them to come out of their shell at a slower than normal pace?
  6. Want to experience the joy of simple “wins”, such as the first time your foster makes eye contact with you, chooses to sit closer to you rather than hiding, or wags his tail for the first time?

If so, we want to hear from you!  Please click on the link below and fill out our Foster Application.  By fostering for HARTT, you will be helping our dogs take the next step on their journey to an ultimate forever home!