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Humane Animal Rescue and Trapping Team

About Us

Who We are, Why We Exist

  • HARTT (Humane Animal Rescue and Trapping Team) is a program of Lucky Dog Rescue, a 501c3 nonprofit in Arizona.    We are committed to helping to bring to safety dogs who are stray, lost, or living on their own without a regular caregiver and who cannot easily be handled or captured through ordinary means.
  • These dogs may have been either lost by a family who loves and misses them, abandoned and left to fend for themselves, or some have been born into an environment with no human contact.
  • We are a small, volunteer-based organization and serve most areas of Maricopa County based on volunteer availability. We also train and network with other humane trappers in other counties within Arizona.
  • Bringing these dogs to safety often requires extraordinary patience, specialized skill and equipment, time and resources. While animal control and animal welfare agencies may have attempted to capture some of these dogs previously, they rarely have the resources to capture those who are elusive beyond a first attempt.
  • HARTT was founded by Cheryl Naumann, who has been active in animal welfare for more than 15 years.  Cheryl has served as the CEO of Arizona Humane Society,  Vice Chair of the Board of the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators, Chairman of the Board of Friends of Animal Care and Control, and Chair of the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Animal Care Task Force.  Cheryl is currently a member of the Arizona State Council of the Humane Society of the United States, and she and her husband are the owners of Second Home Pet Resort.  Cheryl has also been trapping dogs in Maricopa County for 5 years.

Our Services Include:

  1. Coordination of and participation in lost dog searches 

2. Humane capture of at-large dogs, primarily in and around Maricopa County 

3. Consulting on lost dog and humane capture cases in and around Arizona 

4. Training of animal rescue, animal control and animal welfare staff and volunteers on lost dog searches and best practices in humane capture strategies and techniques  

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Tednh. If you would like help catching a difficult-to-catch stray, please contact us below and provide all relevant details.

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Our next Humane Dog Trapping Class will be held in the Spring of 2019; follow us on Facebook for a future announcement on the next class date.

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Provide details on the animal in need

If you are contacting us to request help trapping an animal, please provide:

1.  Exact location including the nearest or approximate address, and the city

2.  How long the dog has been in this area

3.  Whether the dog appears to be injured or not

4.  Description of dog - size, breed, gender.

5.  Whether someone is currently providing the dog with food and water.

HARTT (Humane Animal Rescue and Trapping Team)

Phoenix, Arizona, United States