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Escape-Proof your Dog!

Home Escape-Proof your Dog!

Do you have a shy or nervous dog, has your dog recently been lost, or have you recently adopted or are you fostering a new dog?  Dogs in these situations should be considered extreme flight risks!  Many dogs in these situations become lost within 48 hours of entering a new foster or adoptive home, if they become spooked by a noise, have the chance to bolt out a door that is partially open, or if anything changes in their routine.  Change is confusing for shy, nervous or rescued pets, and it’s common for them to seek a way to escape; they just need time to acclimate and become comfortable with a new routine or new environment! 

Even shy or skittish pets who have been in their family for months or years can be extreme flight risks if the environment changes, if guests are in the house, if their owner goes on vacation, if they travel away from home, or if their normal routine is disrupted.  And some pets just want to see what’s on the other side of a door or fence – they may be highly tuned in to smells in the environment and just have to see “what’s on the other side.” 

How can you make sure your pet doesn’t become lost again?  First, NEVER EVER LET YOUR DOG OFF LEASH unless in a fully fenced area!  Even the best trained dogs will bolt if they hear a scary sound, see a cat, etc.  They could easily be hit by a car.  Please keep your dog safe and love him/her enough to keep your dog on a leash at all times.  

Please download, print, read and share this guide (link below) with all members of your household, as well as regular visitors.  The tips you will find here will assure that your shy, skittish, recently-trapped, extra-curious, or new rescue pet is kept safe in your home.