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Frequently Asked Questions

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Doesn’t animal control or the humane society do this work?

Animal control and animal welfare agencies have huge call volumes due to the number of animals in need in our community. Like HARTT, they too are resource-limited. Although they may have attempted to capture some of these animals previously, they rarely have the resources to capture those who are elusive beyond a first attempt.

How is HARTT Supported?

HARTT is supported primarily from donations from the general public, from those who observe and appreciate our work in helping these animals, or from families of lost pets who we have assisted. We also receive support from adoption fees, from fundraising events that are open to the public, and from workshop fees.

Doesn’t trapping a dog frighten them?

The dogs we save are very skittish and frightened to start with; they don’t understand that people are trying to help them.  When a dog is humanely captured, regardless of the capture device (a box trap, a net, a corral trap, etc.) yes, the animal is frightened at the time of capture.  However, a few minutes of emotional discomfort means that this animal will no longer be at risk of being hit by a car, or attacked by other animals.  They will no longer have to feel hunger, or heat or cold from being exposed to the elements.  We say “Into a trap, into a home” because a humane trap is this animal’s first step into their new life as a safe, beloved pet.

What is HARTT’s service area?

HARTT was founded and primarily operates in Maricopa County, Arizona (the Phoenix area).  However, we have a small chapter in Payson, Arizona and are starting another team in late 2019 in Flagstaff, Arizona.  We have also trained and partner with other humane trapping organizations in other areas of Arizona.  We are unable to provide services in other areas at this time.