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Know of an animal in need who is a stray or does not have a known owner?  Our services are available only in Maricopa County, Arizona and in Payson, Arizona at this time, based on volunteer availability.  

Our primary focus is on injured, sick or at-risk stray dogs and we prioritize our cases accordingly.  But, we also help severely injured stray cats!  We do not, however, have the resources to respond to cases of healthy stray cats.

If you are aware of an at-risk stray and feel that HARTT can assist, please CLICK THE RED LINK BELOW to fill out a request for HARTT to provide assistance.  If all fields are filled out correctly, you will receive a confirming message once you’ve submitted the form.  We try to respond to all requests within 48 hours – more quickly if the situation is urgent.

An in-depth look at how HARTT helps at-risk stray animals

Curious exactly how HARTT works in the community to help stray animals in need?  Learn how we do what we do and, more importantly, how YOU can help us be more successful!  Please click the blue button on the right: