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Our organization differs from other rescue groups in that while most rescues focus on adoptions, they don’t perform field rescue. With HARTT, we focus on field rescue of animals who are not already safely contained with the goal of getting them to safety. A Help Request is submitted via our website by a community member and from there, a team of field volunteers is dispatched to assist*.

Many of our recently-rescued or recently-trapped dogs were shy, nervous or lacked self-confidence; they may not have solicited attention from a person and instead preferred to remain in the shadows. Typically, these animals could not easily be leashed, picked up or captured through ordinary means. Bringing these animals to safety often required extraordinary patience, specialized strategy, skill and equipment, as well as time and resources which is where our team of field volunteers come into play. To learn more about the techniques and equipment our field volunteers use, visit How We Trap.

In some cases, our new arrivals may seem friendly or social once they are rescued, but the slightest unexpected experience can make them try to flee. They may have fears that seem irrational and even “silly”, but the simplest of things can cause extreme panic and fear. Skittish dogs can exhibit behaviors that may seem “PTSD-like”. When people suffer from PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, certain sounds, smells, or sights can trigger memories of a past frightening event and can cause terror. This terror can trigger an immediate “fight or flight” response. With skittish dogs, they may have unpleasant associated experiences, or they may have simply never encountered them before. Common triggers include sounds of cars, fireworks or sirens; loud yelling by children or adults; wind, rain or thunder; the sound of regular household appliances; snapping sounds (shaking out clothes to put in the dryer; shaking out a trash bag); or people wearing hats, sunglasses, or carrying objects like a cane, broom, or baseball bat.

We lovingly teach these dogs to be less afraid of everyday things they perceive as scary, and we also teach new foster families and adopters how to keep a shy dog safe for the rest of his life. After being rescued by HARTT, our priority is to make sure the animal is placed in the best possible environment where they will thrive and go on to live a comfortable, happy life. After a thorough search for a potential owner, we turn our focus to placing unowned, unclaimed animals up for adoption. HARTT direct-places many animals ourselves into new homes. For others, we network with a set of approved rescue partners.

Our goal is to assist as many as possible; however, that depends on many factors including location where a stray is and the availability of volunteers for the given area. 

Available for adoption

After thorough owner searches are conducted and a dog has a chance to decompress, we list any available for adoption on our website. Visit our Adoption page to see who is looking for their forever home.

Our Shelter is officially open to the public now for weekend hours from 12-4pm. Please note that not all of the dogs on our website are available to see at our Shelter – some are with foster homes. If you have questions, reach out beforehand at: adopt@azhartt.org.

Public Shelter Hours

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