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(Please have the person who is MOST familiar with your microchipping practices fill out this form.)

HARTT (Humane Animal Rescue and Trapping Team) is well known in Arizona for our humane trapping of shy and skittish dogs, and also for helping families find their lost pets. What many don’t know is that every week, we research “dead-end” microchips on found pets when citizens or rescues and shelters can’t find a registered owner.

We would greatly appreciate you taking a few moments to provide some quick information about your microchipping practices, in case we find a pet with a chip that might have been implanted by your organization. Thanks!

Microchip Practices - Animal Welfare Organizations

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  • Please list the person who is currently actively serving as the most senior leader of the organization. This could be an executive director, president, founder, etc.
  • If HARTT comes across an unregistered or outdated microchip that was implanted by your organization, what is the name of the person we should contact to obtain owner information?