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  • Thank you for your concern for this stray dog or cat! Before filling out the form below, please read the following information.

    HARTT is a small, volunteer-run organization - as much as we wish we could, we simply cannot help all animals who are stray. For healthy stray dogs, please call Maricopa County Animal Care and Control at 602-506-7387. Otherwise, we prioritize our cases in the following order:

    1. Known lost family pets, or animals with a visible ID tag (our highest priority);

    2. Severely injured strays (our second-highest priority) - note that in some cities in Maricopa County, Arizona Humane Society will also respond for obviously sick and injured strays (they can be reached at 602-997-7585);

    3. Strays who are in a highly dangerous situation, which we have the training, equipment and capacity to handle;

    4. Strays who are in close proximity to one of our volunteer trappers who is available; and

    5. Healthy strays. Note that we do NOT perform feral cat TNR (trap-neuter-return).

    For animals in categories 1 and 2, we try our very best to respond to you within 48 hours. For animals in categories 3, 4 and 5, we will try to respond but cannot guarantee that we will do so. However, know that we have received your request, will have read it and will do our best to assess.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • (Ex: "50 pound dog, border collie or Aussie")
  • (Ex: "long hair, matted in back, mostly black, front feet are white")
  • (ex: "Dog is holding his left back foot off the ground and will not put weight on it.")
  • (ex: "I have seen the dog since 4/21/19, however the employees at McDonalds say she has been in the immediate area for more than 2 weeks.")
  • (ex: "I saw the dog running down the street headed West around 8:00 am this morning and I haven't seen him since that time.")
  • (ex: "Dog begs for food from the nearby fast food restaurants - I think an employee feeds her early in the morning somewhere near the Taco Bell")
  • (ex: "There are about 3 cats in the area, but they tend to eat across the street.")
  • (Ex: "Yes, on the days I work nearby which is Tues-Sat. I can feed the dog when I leave work."
  • (Ex: "The dog comes to the McDonald's dumpster around 6am daily, then walks north to the green house with the picket fence. Then we think she may sleep during the day in the alley south of Main Street and West of Fillmore.")
  • NOTE: HARTT reserves the right to take possession of the trapped animal, conduct an owner search and, depending on the circumstances, place the animal with an animal welfare organization or in an adoptive home. HARTT also may provide veterinary care for the animal, including but not limited to spay/neuter vaccines and surgery, the cost of which will be incorporated into the animal's adoption fee. Special consideration and priority will be given to placement with the original poster/finder/current caregiver if desired, if that individual would otherwise be approved by HARTT for adoption or foster.
  • Max. file size: 32 MB.