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Fewer than 5% of the pets we rescue have an ID tag or microchip; truly heartbreaking, because many of these animals appear to have been well-loved and well-cared for at some point. If you’re reading this now and your own pet does not have a collar and ID tag on, STOP and please head to the nearest pet supply store – for less than $10, you can have a custom tag made for your pet! Your veterinarian can also implant a microchip under your pet’s skin, which will contain vital information about how to locate you if your pet should go missing.

HOWEVER – microchips are useless if you don’t REGISTER them and UPDATE them in the event your pet is/has been rehomed or if your address or phone number has changed.  Stop at any veterinarian, ask them to scan your pet, and take a picture of the scanner display which shows the chip number.  As them to provide you with the phone number for this particular microchip company, then call to make sure your information is up to date!

When we rescue an animal in the field, we first search for a potential owner – this could include calling contact information available on an ID tag or microchip; searching for or hanging lost pet posters; utilizing social media, neighborhood and lost pet sites; or checking with area shelters.

How can you make sure your pet doesn’t become lost again?  First, NEVER EVER LET YOUR DOG OFF LEASH unless in a fully fenced area!  Even the best trained dogs will bolt if they hear a scary sound, see a cat, etc.  They could easily be hit by a car.  Please keep your dog safe and love him/her enough to keep your dog on a leash at all times.  Next, please read this document on our page about other ways to keep your dog safe:  http://azhartt.org/escape-proof-your-dog/

Did we find your pet?

Or do you think we MAY have your pet?  If you have been contacted by a HARTT representative, this means we have located your pet or one that might be yours.  In order to claim your pet, please fill out and submit the form below as soon as possible; a representative will then call you with further instructions on how to pick up your lost pet.