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Meet Our Team

Cheryl Naumann, Founder

Cheryl has been humanely trapping animals in Maricopa County since 2012. Her first trapping case was a dog named Roxy, a Shepherd mix who had been living along State Route 51 and Cactus in north Phoenix for several months. Cheryl has been an animal welfare leader for more than 20 years.

Cheryl and her husband, Roger, own a luxury boarding facility, Second Home Pet Resort, which opened in Phoenix 2008. She is a member of the National Animal Control Association, member and past board member of the Association for Animal Welfare Advancement, and was a founding member of the Arizona State Council of the Humane Society of the United States. Cheryl formerly served as President and CEO of the Arizona Humane Society, leader of the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Animal Care Task Force, Chairman of the Board of Friends of Animal Care and Control (now the Arizona Pet Project), and Chair of the Arizona Companion Animal Spay/Neuter Committee.

“By day”, Cheryl serves as a human resources executive for a billion-dollar national corporation based in Phoenix, Arizona; she has been married to her husband Roger for 25 years, and she has two grown stepchildren. Their animal family includes 5 dogs, a cat and a zebra finch. When she’s not rescuing animals, Cheryl enjoys hiking, travel and volunteering at her church.

Cheryl’s passion and specialty within HARTT is creating strategies for the most difficult-to-rescue dogs, teaching HARTT’s humane trapping workshops, and utilizing complex specialty traps and electronics to bring animals to safety.

Carrie Bernardi

Carrie joined HARTT in the summer of 2017. She was driving home from work one day in May, 2017 and noticed two dogs living on an abandoned property. After numerous rescue attempts, the dogs were eventually humanely trapped June 6th and July 3rd. Bonnie, Clyde and their 6 puppies, who were born a week after capture, are still a huge part of Carrie’s life and the reason why she continues to save dogs. Carrie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing and a MBA. She has worked full time as a college advisor for the University of Phoenix over the past 14 years. Recently, she started teaching part time, helping students who wish to obtain their General Education Diploma. As you can see, education is a major part of her life and why you will often see her lending advice and knowledge to the team and members of the public. Carrie has been involved with rescue ever since moving to Arizona from Chicago in 2004. Her passion for animals, however, started at a very young age when her family dogs would be found sleeping in or around her crib. Who knew that one’s passion and love for dogs would develop at only being a few days old?!

Linda Bruce

Linda Bruce has been rescuing animals for over 20 years and served on the board of Friends of Animal Care and Control (now The Arizona Pet Project) for 6 years. In 2017 Linda completed the HARTT Training class and has been volunteering with HARTT since them. Her most recent rescue was a small, terrified mom and her 5 puppies. Mom was rescued but not able to show us where she had hidden her tiny pups. In an amazing team effort, the puppies were found behind a locked concrete wall, inside of a locked small storage unit, under a wooden blanket covered with an engine. Miraculous! Mom is currently in foster and all pups have been adopted.

Linda has worked for 12 year at Fidelity National Title as AVP, Business Development. She and her husband Ron (also a huge animal advocate) have 6 dogs and a cat and enjoy hiking, traveling, biking and hanging with their pack. She is proud to join the amazing, experienced team of HARTT in pursuing her mission of “saving one life at a time”.

Beth Buchanan

After months of following and admiring HARTT, Beth Buchanan started volunteering in January 2018 when a little, white and frightened dog was living at Honor Health Shea and the surrounding Scottsdale area.   Even with day and night efforts of trying to coax this constantly moving pup into a trap, he was sadly struck and killed by a car.   Since then, Beth has been involved with happier endings including leading the successful effort to find a pit bull lost after a rollover accident and finding a 12-week old pup lost just before going to foster.  Both incidents happened in Flagstaff, where Beth and her horses spend the summers. Prior to HARTT, Beth was the Southwest Regional Coordinator for Dogs on Deployment.  In this position she recruited, trained and assisted local city/state coordinators with fundraising and awareness events.   Beth was also part of a team who organized efforts to save Gray Mountain horses (north of Flagstaff) from horrible drought conditions.  She managed their FB page, donations and logistics.  Recently retired, her spare time is spent taking care of her 6 retired and elderly horses.  Beth is honored to be part of HARTT and has learned so much from Cheryl and the other expert trappers.

Jordan Cowan

Jordan has been in animal welfare for almost 10 years. She began humanely trapping in 2015 – it is extremely rewarding to see where the dog started to where they end up. Her first trapping case was Cira, a pit bull mix in Goodyear. Cira had been living on the streets for at least five years and had several litters of puppies. She was saved, along with her three puppies, and all were adopted. Jordan has been around animals all her life, starting with riding horses for 11 years. After she retired her horse, she entered the veterinary field; for the last decade Jordan has worked at Second Home Pet Resort, owned by Cheryl Naumann, the founder for HARTT, where she has served as the Director since 2015. In her free time when she’s not working or trapping, Jordan spends time with her husband, her three-year-old son and their five rescue dogs. She can’t see herself in any other industry than with animals. It is and always will be her passion. 

Ted Deshong

Ted joined HARTT in January 2017. Ted sells manufacturing products and equipment to semiconductor fabrication facilities. Ted has always had dogs in his life and he became interested in rescuing and trapping dogs when it became apparent on Facebook that many dogs needed help. After a few rescues and a few dog trappings, he was hooked and has been trapping as time allows, since 2015. Ted’s wife Kris helps support Ted’s trapping efforts with feeding stations and foot searches, and she helps with housing dogs for overnight stays. Ted enjoys spending time in Heber, AZ and hiking with Kris and their dogs (dogs on leash with harnesses, of course!). Ted’s advice to dog owners is to always get their dogs microchipped and always use a harness when the dogs are outside of their own home. Dogs are family too……

Rachell Douglas

Rachell Douglas is one of our west valley trappers.  As a long time dog enthusiast, Rachell dedicates a tremendous amount of energy to making sure that no dog in need goes without help.  Rachell has grown up around dogs and has more than 10 years of experience working with dogs and other animals in a professional capacity.  When she is not trapping dogs, Rachell works for Halo Animal Rescue.  With a little help from her family, Rachell`s passion and relentless mindset has led to numerous dogs being rescued from the streets and placed in a happy home.

Dawn Lesperance

Dawn began volunteering with HARTT after completing the Humane Dog Trapping Workshop in April 2018.   Her love for animals prompted her to get more involved and her first rescue was May 2, 2018 in Mesa, securing a Chihuahua that had been living on the streets for over a year.  This would be the first of many future rescues.  In the past, Dawn has spent years being a Steward, volunteering in Scottsdale.  All her responsibilities focused on education, conservation, and preservation of the Sonoran McDowell Preserve.  During the winter months she volunteers with the Chandler Food Bank, Azcend, helping to collect and distribute food to those in need.  Dawn’s love for animals is coupled with her passion for music and the outdoors- where she spends her spare time camping, fishing, hiking, and kayaking in between practicing several musical instruments.  

Eva Livesay

Eva has been a volunteer with HARTT since completing her trapping workshop in 2017. She is passionate about helping all animals and most importantly getting lost dogs reunited with their owners. When she isn’t hanging lost dog flyers you can find her hiking, baking or reading. She lives in Scottsdale with her husband and 3 sons (…and 3 fur babies and 2 desert tortoises).

One of her first cases she took on for HARTT involved a brindle pittie mix that had been living on a golf course for some time. She was fairly easy to trap since she was consistently coming to the same area for her food that the maintenance workers were providing. Eva’s youngest son named her Penny because he said she looked like a copper penny. Penny was eventually adopted by a young lady that was looking for a companion that could be trained as a seizure response dog. Penny is now with her new family, living her best life ever!

Stacey McGinn

Stacey joined HARTT as our Rescue Coordinator and completed her first trapping at Tempe’s Coca-Cola plant in January 2018. With another HARTT volunteer, Ann, showing her the ropes, they successfully trapped a beautiful pocket PitBull named Petunia who was rehabilitated and adopted into her forever home.

Stacey currently volunteers with HARTT and MCACC East, but over the past twenty years she’s done everything from being an Animal Care Tech, to a Supervisor of Kennels, an Adoption Counselor, and an Intake Specialist. In 2014 she became certified as an Animal Control Officer and an Animal Cruelty Investigator and will be going through training as a Reserve Officer with MCACC.

Working one-on-one with animals has always been a passion for Stacey, and elephants are especially dear to her. She has six sweet animals of their own – Hilda (Great Dane), Harriett  (Bloodhound), Ethel ( Chihuahua), Wally ( Vizsla Boxer breed mix), Peanut ( PitBull mix), and Cloudy (long haired domestic cat). In her downtime Stacey loves to do anything that takes her outdoors. Some of her favorite hobbies are mud runs, hiking, off roading, mountain biking, basketball, and tennis. In addition to animal welfare, Stacey has a special place in her heart for the elderly and enjoys volunteering with the Fountain Hills
Give-a-Lift program.

Lois Nastoff

After becoming an empty nester and trying to figure out what to do with her spare time, Lois literally fell into rescue when a stray pup showed up on her doorstep. She then added humane trapping to her rescue efforts in order to save an abandoned young semi-feral lab living in a parking garage that was about to go under construction. This was her first trapping case in July 2015 before HARTT had been created.   

After training with and becoming a member of HARTT, Lois continues to help out in the field whenever possible.  In addition to getting strays off the street to safety, she has been successful in locating and reuniting multiple lost pets with their owners.   

Lois says her fulltime job enables her rescue and trapping passion but does interfere at times with her desire to drop everything and go help!  As a mother of four, and now a grandmother to four adorable grandkids, she’s enjoying sharing that passion with them. She’s also very grateful for the love and support of her fellow rescuers, who are truly an amazing group of people!

David Page

Dave was born and raised in Riverside, CA and moved to Arizona in 2010 for a state job. He has sole custody of his boys Kyle, 16, Brandon 13 and Andrew 6 which keeps him busy.  David has been raised and around animals his whole life and has had 2 cats until 2016; now, he has 3 dogs.

David fell into rescuing and trapping with HARTT through his fiancé, Rani. His first case was Maggie, a black lab in July 2018 who took 6 weeks to rescue. David and Rani adopted Maggie in December 2018 and since then, David has been hooked on rescue – he absolutely loves it! He normally teams up with Rani but will also go out on his own.  In David’s spare time you’ll find him with his family, smoking different meats, swimming, fishing and target shooting in the desert.

Rani Pecoraro

Rani has always had a love for animals but never previously volunteered due to her job and raising her 3 boys who are all now young adults.

Rani stumbled upon the HARTT Facebook page in July 2018. She immediately messaged the founder, Cheryl, and asked if she could volunteer.  Cheryl connected her with Sydney Zordani, an experienced HARTT trapper, who was starting a case near Rani’s neighborhood involving a stray black lab, subsequently named “Maggie.” Rani started helping Sydney with the case and under her guidance, she started feeding, tracking and hanging up fliers for Maggie – 6 weeks later, Maggie was finally rescued. David Page and Rani adopted Maggie in December 2018. Since Maggie’s rescue, David and Rani usually team up and rescue together.

HARTT Rescue opened their own shelter in November 2018, where Rani currently works socializing, feeding, caring for and loving all of the rescues that come in. Rani couldn’t be happier and thinks she has the best job in the world.  When Rani isn’t working or rescuing, she spends her free time with her fiance David Page and their 4 boys and tries to go back home to Minnesota to visit her 2 sons, daughter in law and 2 granddaughters twice a year.

Destiny Spencer

Destiny’s love for animals started in kindergarten when her after-school program brought rescue puppies in to teach all the kids how to properly handle dogs. The dog that she was paired with peed in her lap and instead of reacting with disgust as many of her classmates might have, Destiny was delighted, thinking the dog was just excited to see her. Though she has since realized that it was probably due to the puppy’s age, she prefers to believe her original story. This incident imprinted on her heart and her love for animals began. Destiny has been working at Second Home Pet Resort for seven years and has been the Resort Supervisor for two years. Through the years, she has become involved with many partnering rescue organizations including HARTT. About 2 years ago, she heard of a border collie/lab mix that needed to be rescued. The dog had been living on her own for 5 years and was caring for puppies all on her own. Destiny knew she had to do something. She was asked to help trap the dog, now named Cira, and the rest was history. Who would’ve thought it would start an addiction to saving and trapping dogs? Working a full-time job, volunteering at local dog shelters on her days off, working other side jobs, caring for her 5 dogs, assisting with marketing websites for promoting adoptable rescue dogs, and trapping often leaves her little free time, but when she does have a spare moment she enjoys hiking, gardening, and going out to eat with her boyfriend of 10 years.

Brent Wright

Brent has handled animals of all kinds, having been raised in a farm in Utah. After supporting his wife for 4 years of handling rescue dogs, he spent some time mentoring under another professional trainer and became a professional trainer himself. He met Cheryl on a stake out for trapping a dog and has been a part of HARTT from its beginning. Brent and his wife specialize in working with dogs that have never been handled by humans before, as well as helping owners recover their lost dogs and capturing hard to catch dogs.  They also help support owners/adopters of skittish/fearful dogs, teaching them how to build their dog’s confidence and how to handle a fearful dog for maximum safety and forward progress. 

Carrie Wright

Carrie has had a lifelong involvement with animals of all kinds, having lived on a farm in Washington. She trained and showed horses and dogs both from a young age, and then branched into professionally training dogs in 2013.  In 2017 Carrie met Cheryl on a stakeout for trapping a dog and has been a part of HARTT from its beginning. Carrie and her husband, Brent, specialize in working with dogs that have never been handled by humans before, as well as helping owners recover their lost dogs and capturing hard to catch dogs.  They also help support owners/adopters of skittish/fearful dogs, teaching them how to build their dog’s confidence and how to handle a fearful dog for maximum safety and forward progress. 

Sydney Zordani

Sydney started trapping with HARTT in October 2017. She works at Banner Health for her day job and is a pet sitter and runs her premium haircare business when not out trapping. She owns two pit bulls, Nieko and Liberty, who sniff-search her each time she comes home. When the world slows down a bit she likes hanging out in the pool, hiking, floating on the lake, and chasing storms.  Her first trapping case was Reese, a lost pit bull in Tonopah, in January of 2018. Her most difficult case was Cotton, a pit bull living in a field near University of Phoenix Stadium; the case started in September 2017 and Cotton was finally captured in July 2018.